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Welcome!!! You’ve decided to explore a holistic and preventive approach to improving and maintaining your health. By coming to the Center for the Healing Arts, you are embarking on an adventure in optimizing wellness and self-discovery.

Conventional (also called allopathic) medicine only focuses on treating only one problem at a time or simply treating the symptoms. It works well for acute problems, as a form of crisis intervention; an emergency room’s response to trauma is a good example of allopathic medicine at its best. However, most chronic illnesses are multi-factorial, meaning that our body’s ability to cope with multiple demands has been compromised. Something may begin to break down or our bodies may respond in a mal-adaptive way. This is called “disease”. While the allopathic approach often focuses on eliminating the symptoms of the disease, this approach seldom identifies the underlying causes, corrects imbalances, or prevents recurrences.

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