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Robban A Sica MD Is Solving the Puzzle of Migraine Headaches

Author of the book Migraines; Stop the Pain – Why You Got It. How to Fix It

Robban A Sica MD -  Migraines: Stop the Pain – Why You Got It. How to Fix It

Robban A. Sica, MD – Integrative Physician

Dr. Robban Sica has 30 years of experience “thinking outside the box” and has helped hundreds of migraine sufferers to become pain free. Dr. Sica, an integrative physician, has studied the foundational causes of migraines, and how they can be eliminated for good.

Dr. Sica has put the pieces of this puzzle together in a concise and easy to understand step-by-step guide to detect and correct the specific causes of migraines.

In taking careful patient history of the pattern of the headache, symptoms and other signs, she directs treatment using an integrative holistic medicine approach. Dr. Robban Sica feels pharmaceuticals are very useful in certain situations, but in most cases migraines can be prevented and treated through more natural means.

Dr. Sica has also found that addressing migraine causing factors in a systematic order can get rid of up to 98% of all migraines.

According to Robban Sica some of the factors which cause migraines are as follows:

  • Instability in the spine due to malrotation of the first cervical vertebra, called the Atlas, can predispose to migraines. This can be corrected with a process called AtlasProfilax. However, injuries can exacerbate migraine tendencies. If you have had head or neck trauma or chronic spinal alignment issues you may wish to consider this treatment option, if it is indicated in your case.
  • A common, overlooked mineral deficiency that causes many migraines is a Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium supplements are extremely helpful in the migraine battle. Also in combination with Taurine, Riboflavin, Coenzyme Q 10 and Petadlox, Magnesium has been found very beneficial to migraine sufferers. Dr. Sica warns that all mineral supplements are not the same, so an integrative physician must decide which one is best. Underlying emotional and physical factors contribute to migraines as well.
  • Hormonal imbalances due to an imbalance or even allergy to estrogen and progesterone can contribute to migraines. These headaches occur just before and during menstrual cycles and are usually distinguishable from other causes. Balancing the hormones usually will correct this type of headache. Synthetic hormones can also be a cause of migraines. The good news here is there are alternative natural sources which are not only better for easing migraine, but are inherently a healthier choice.
  • Diet is also a huge factor contributing to migraines. According to Dr. Sica, modern food does not supply us with the nutrients we need. Even the best of diets fall short of our nutritional requirements. Food intolerances, such as red wine, aged cheeses, sardines, etc. have been found to trigger Tyramine reactions, causing the “classic” migraine. Certain food allergies can take up to 72 hours to cause a migraine, so Dr. Sica advises to keep a food journal to pinpoint exact food source or have a food allergy test. Glandular dysfunction, such as hypothyroidism, has been found to be a contributing factor in migraine headaches. Robban Sica states that some glandular dysfunctions can go undiagnosed even after blood tests. She believes that many common blood test results can be misleading. A physician must be knowledgeable in what to look for in these studies. She also stresses that patients must find an integrated physician who will support them in taking the steps necessary to get well.
  • Injuries can also be a factor. Head or neck injuries, car accidents, whiplash or a fall can impair the motion of cranial bones which may lead to migraine. These causes to migraine can be treated with a gentle manipulation of the cranial bones called Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Robban Sica advises this practice to be performed by a specially trained osteopathic physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist.
  • Detrimental migraine causing Chemicals are found in Skin Care products such as shampoo, eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish, perfume, hairspray, deodorant and body lotion. It is estimated that many people in the U.S. expose themselves well over 200 chemicals in their everyday grooming routines.

Excerpt from Migraines: Stop the Pain – Why You Got It. How to Fix It:

While I have never suffered from migraines, thankfully, I have listened and empathized with the pain and suffering of many, many people who have consulted me. More importantly, in my 27+ years of practice as a licensed physician, I have been able to help over 90% of my patients eliminate migraines, as well as other types of recurring headaches.

The remaining ten percent have been able to decrease the frequency and duration of their headaches, as well as diminish the pain level. They are empowered with knowledge and strategies. They know what triggers their headaches and how to stop them quickly. Occasionally, a person might need medication at the onset of a headache, but very rarely are chronic ‘preventive’ medications necessary in the long term.

Where conventional medicine excels is in cases of acute injury, infection, or illness, often providing an immediate short-term solution. Otherwise, the focus is on narrowing down the “diagnosis” to one label, and then matching it up with drugs that will likely suppress the symptoms. Even though it is currently the prevailing medical model in the U.S., this approach is just too limited, especially for people suffering from chronic illnesses such as migraine.

Dr. Sica does an excellent job of explaining the possible causes of migraines with multiple safe, natural treatment options that truly address the foundational causes of migraines. Her treatment options are referenced from outstanding experts in the field, along with her many years of caring for migraine sufferers. I recommend this book for everyone to read, as one may find an underlying cause of their own personal ailments that are not migraine related. Dr. Sica also gives the reader plenty of resources to follow up with a properly trained professional in alternative treatments.

Robban A. Sica, MD is an integrative physician. She has been selected to receive Emord & Associates “Excellence in Integrated Medicine” award honoring her outstanding contributions to the field of integrative medicine. Her practice, the Center for the Healing Arts, is located in Orange, CT.

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