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Migraines: Why You Got It. How to Fix It… for Good!

Tired of wondering when the next migraine headache is going to pound on your skull and pluck you out of your life? Feeling frustrated and hopeless about all the disappointing trips to doctors, who prescribe medications that don’t work in the long haul or cause side-effects that are just ruining your quality of life?

My name is Robban Sica. I’m a medical doctor, but I decided long ago that there had to be more I could do for my patients than prescribe drugs. And I found lots of wonderful options. You see, I am extremely passionate about helping people get healthy and happy.

Migraines: Stop the Pain, Headache, Robban A SIca, MD, Center for the Healing Arts PCSure, it’s important to make a nice living, as a doctor, but that’s not what drives me.

Well, lots of doctors can probably say that, I guess, but there’s a lot of pressure – from the AMA, drug companies and insurance companies – to prescribe medications and surgery. Many doctors find it easier to just stick with the status quo and not make waves.

I’d rather make some waves and sleep soundly, knowing I’m doing my very best for my patients. And it’s paid off. I’ve enjoyed unusual success helping patients overcome migraines by thinking outside the box.

You see, I understand that pharmaceuticals can be very useful in certain situations. But the truth is that your body has no innate “need” for any drug. Your body needs lots of things, but drugs are not on the list. By their very nature, prescription drugs are unnatural… they MUST be unnatural (aka “manmade”) or else they don’t qualify for a patent. And patenting a substance is exactly how pharmaceutical companies make lots of money. But that’s a story for another day.

It hasn’t been an easy road since I’ve been studying and “prescribing” natural alternatives to drugs. But that’s okay, because I experience tremendous personal satisfaction when a patient gets relief – often after suffering for years. That makes it all worthwhile.

The only thing that might even be better than receiving a big hug from a happy patient, who no longer suffers from migraines, is making it so that my hard work and experience can help lots of people. So that’s what I’ve done (with a little help from my friends) by putting it all down in writing.

My book, Migraines; Stop the Pain – Why You Got It. How to Fix It, is your guide to a happier, healthier life… free from the looming fear of being attacked by a migraine headache. And it’s not just a bunch of information… you can get that free of charge all over the internet! My book is organized in such a way that you will be motivated to use this valuable tool – a step-by-step guide, complete with a Self-Help Quiz.

And, most importantly, you can be sure that this is NOT a compilation of disjointed hearsay collected from the internet. Frankly, that approach could be dangerous!

Migraines: Stop the Pain – Why You Got It. How to Fix It, is the result of my 27-years of experience as a full-time physician, dedicated to finding real solutions that work for real people.

For just about the cost of a movie and popcorn, you will discover…

  • Why most docs are clueless about what your body needs to be healthy and pain free
  • What my 27 years of experience “thinking outside the box” has done for hundreds of migraine sufferers
  • Exactly what is causing YOUR migraines, and what you can do to eliminate them for good
  • The common, overlooked mineral deficiency that causes many migraines (and lots of other problems)
  • Numerous techniques for eliminating the underlying emotional and physical factors
  • Why all mineral supplements are NOT the same, and which one is right for you
  • The unsuspected glandular dysfunction that goes undiagnosed even after blood tests!
  • Why synthetic hormones can be damaging, and what natural sources are best for you
  • How to find a doctor who will support you in taking the steps necessary to get well
  • Why many common blood test results are misleading and what you should really be looking at
  • The truth about modern food and why you may not get the nutrients you need from even the best of diets
  • A step-by-step action guide to detect and correct the specific cause(s) of your migraines

How do I know this will work for you? I don’t, honestly. It’s just a book. It can’t do the work!

What I do know is this: IF YOU follow my instructions and APPLY the information I’ve shared with you in Migraines: Stop the Pain – Why You Got It. How to Fix It, then you WILL succeed.


What I cannot do for you is take responsibility for following through. That is entirely up to you.

Your success could be as simple as going to the health food store and picking up a bottle of a particular mineral that costs about $15.00. On the other hand, if there is more than one factor causing your migraines it could be a bit more complex.

Either way, everything you must know in order to free yourself from the grizzly grip of migraines, is easily understood and readily available to you RIGHT NOW, in my book, Migraines; Stop The Pain – Why You Got It. How to Fix It.

Are you ready to do what it takes to be FREE of those nasty headaches? If so…

Get it NOW from Amazon

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It’s obvious that Dr. Sica cares, not only about her patients, but people in general. What a pleasure to read this clear, concise resource on the subject of migraines, and know that there really is help available for those who suffer with this disorder. It is comforting to know that Dr. Sica has 27 years of experience as a licensed physician, and has a phenomenal success rate with her patients. Whether or not you suffer with migraines, this is an excellent resource to have on hand to share with others who are going through the misery and frustration of migraines. Thank you Dr. Sica. You are a blessing! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Dr. Sica provides clear and proven help for patients who suffer with migraines in her new book. She has had success with her own patients and is caring enough to share it with others. This text will be useful for doctors and patients alike. Conrad Maulfair,Jr. D.O. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

As a practitioner I am so grateful that Dr. Sica wrote this clear and powerful book about a complex and often times confusing subject for my patients. It’s a must read for people suffering from this frustrating disorder. I plan to keep several copies in my office for patients to read. I think everyone should have a copy on hand! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Dr. Sica has painstakingly simplified the very complex subjects of migraines headaches. Using an integrative holistic medicine approach, and over 2 decades of clinical experience, she has created a go-to resource that should be in the hands of all migraine sufferers and the people who care for them. For patients, this book contains clear and concise action steps, and for physicians and other healthcare providers it offers many suggestions that they are unlikely to have tried already along with resources and websites to actually obtain the necessary testing and treatments. It is just the perfect mix of story telling, medical information and common sense to offer new hope to many who thought they were condemned to a life of migraine pain. Highly recommended. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

I am happy to see that Dr. Sica has taken on the subject of the migraine. Though I myself am not a sufferer, there are close friends of mine that are afflicted by this malady. This book will help them to live everyday to their fullest without agony. Thank you again, Dr. Sica for handling this information in a concise and easy to understand format. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Dr. Sica does an excellent job of explaining the possible causes of migraines with multiple safe, natural treatment options that truly address the foundational causes of migraines. Her treatment options are referenced from outstanding experts in the field, along with her many years of caring for migraine sufferers. I recommend this book for everyone to read, as one may find an underlying cause of their own personal ailments that are not migraine related. Dr. Sica also gives the reader plenty of resources to follow up with a properly trained professional in alternative treatments.

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