Robban A. Sica, MD – Integrative Physician

Dr. Robban Sica Is Solving the Puzzle of Migraine Headaches

Robban A. Sica, MD – Integrative Physician

Robban Sica, MD has 30 years of experience “thinking outside the box” and has helped hundreds of migraine sufferers to become pain free. Dr. Sica, an integrative physician, has studied the foundational causes of migraines, and how they can be eliminated for good.

Author of the book Migraines; Stop the Pain – Why You Got It. How to Fix It, Dr. Sica has put the pieces of this puzzle together in a concise and easy to understand step-by-step guide to detect and correct the specific causes of migraines.

In taking careful patient history of the pattern of the headache, symptoms and other signs, she directs treatment using an integrative holistic medicine approach. Dr. Robban Sica feels pharmaceuticals are very useful in certain situations, but in most cases migraines can be prevented and treated through more natural means.

Dr. Sica has also found that addressing migraine causing factors in a systematic order can get rid of up to 98% of all migraines.

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